The "Work Group "

Small Group onsite half-day Computer Guidance Session

Leverage your Work Group's limited time with a Customized Computer Guidance session from e-Confidence. Quickly get up to speed with the knowledge and skills you need to accomplish your business goals. Gain confidence in moving forward, knowing that you're utilizing your computers to the best of their potential.

Sessions take place at your location, in your boardroom. We'll use a projector to display your computer on your projector screen. We'll review your Goals and the results of your Work Group's e-Confidence Assessments, and customize the session to address those needs. You'll learn using your software, your business data, your computer.

Half day sessions are available mornings or afternoons.


Contact us for more information, or to arrange an appointment.

Phone: 416-997-3159



NOTE: Sessions are currently available in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario, Canada.
            Additional charges will apply for training ourside of this area. Contact us for more details.
            Training is available for Windows based computer only.